Most carpet cleaners have no ideas of which steps it takes to fully eliminate pet odors. Less experienced carpet cleaners will do a basic steam cleaning then use deoderizers which smell like bubble gum, lemon, pine, and other pleasant scents to mask the ordors, for a day or so, then the odor is back.

At Amerahouse, we treat and remove pet urine odors daily and have several methods and solutions for even the worst case scenarios.

2. Moderate Odor Treatment- Water claw sub
We will find the extent of the damage and recommend the best treatment or repair to satisfy your needs and budget.


Here are some of the pet odor elimination services we provide:

1. We find the pet odor source using a ultra violent light then tag the pet stains. We then treat the area(s) with a specially formulated solution dissolve and very high temperature water that breaks down the pet urine so that it and odor producing bacteria can be REMOVE from your carpet. This product is NOT designed to cover up pet odor with strong perfume fragrances like the stuff in bottles… but, specifically to remove pet urine odor stain and urine stain.

2. The same as pet odor treatment number 1 except the carpet pad is replaced in areas where pet urine odor is present, the flooring is sealed with a special floor sealer that creates a moisture and odor barrier this product is also formulated with a penetrating urine odor beutralizer that totally eliminates pet urine odor on hard surfaces instantly.

3. The same as pet odor treament number 2 but for more severe pet odor and includes removal and replacement of tact strips and remove or seal base boards also in extreme cases sealing the dry wall may be necessary when cats are spraying to mark territory.

4. The same as number 2 & 3 but instead of treating the carpet we cut the contaminated section out and replace it with a remnant piece of carpet or we can take a carpet from a closet to make the repair. This method is used on newer carpet or carpet that has not been faded or worn too badly.