The Most Thorough System Of Rug cleaning.

We are one of the few cleaning firms that offer full immersion washing of rugs.

Full Immersion cleaning is placing a rug in 20x16x1 submersion bath,then using cold water in a mild shampoo to clean both sides thoroughly.Agitation is provided by a 175 rotary scrubber with soft nylon brush.

Here are the following steps to full immersion rug cleaning:

Pre-Inspection- We do a thorough inspection of all areas of the rug.Then we perform a dry crock test, dye stability test and ph test before we attempt to clean the rug.

Dusting-We use compressed air to remove and emulsify soil.

Submersion Rug Wash- The rug is placed in the bath,then is cleaned all the way through to the backing and the fringes are thoroughly soaked.

Rinse- Once the rug has been thoroughly cleaned, it is rinsed to remove and flush away all of the soil and cleaning agents.

Drying- Drying is achieved in our special dry room using the dehumidifiers air and mild heat.

Fringe Detailing- Rinsing and combing out all of the fringes is the final step.

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