1. Carpet & Fiber Identification-
We identify the carpet’s construction and fiber.

We prevacuum using an upright vacuum with brush agitation and high efficency double line collection bag, to remove 99% of particles.

A heated solution is sprayed deep into the fibers to loosen dirt.

Wash away heavy soil, bacteria, fungus and dust mites with our hot water deep steam cleaning.(The only real deep cleaning method).

Apply carpet protector(Dupont Stain Sheild/Maxim Advanced Protector) to cleaned areas.

Pile Setting-
Groom carpet in one direction to remove wand marks and footprints. Grooming aids in drying the carpet by strightening and seperating the fibers.

Accelerated Drying-
We accelerate the drying process by placing Sahara Air Movers.

Unprotected Carpettc1

Scotchguard Protectedtc2

Recommended Options

Fiber Protection:
Discussion: New carpets perform well, in large part, due to the advancements made in stain and soil resistance. However, these properties erode through time with everyday wear and use. Proper application of a high-quality fiber protector will help to ensure years of continued performance, making spills easier to remove, making vacuuming more effective and thus elevating the beauty and extending the life of your carpet and upholstery investments.