Guaranteed Immediate Response

24 hour emergency response teams on call now. Call us NOW at (561) 543-9879. We will respond immediately and help you get back on track fast. You will NOT get an answering service, but a certified water damage expert that can and will dispatch a crew to your home or business within the hour.


You can talk to a certified water damage expert no matter what day or time you call. We are there for you in real time with expert advice and emergency crews ready to respond.

Water Damage and Structural Drying

Upon arrival at the site, the extent of the damage is immediately assessed using a variety of meters, visual inspections and interviews with the property owners. The information we gather helps us devise a comprehensive drying plan. With the proper balance of dehumidification, air movement and temperature manipulation, moisture is forced from the wet structure and contents. The job site is monitored and moisture and humidity readings are documented daily. Successful completion is verified through a variety of moisture detecting instruments and visual inspection. These procedures allow us to thoroughly, quickly and efficiently dry all affected areas.

Insurance Claims

We have many years of experience dealing with major insurance companies and are able to offer the services of our Insurance Claims Manager to help with the details of your claim. We’ll make sure you get your full entitlement and liaise with your insurance company on all claim matters.